Magical Facial with Annee de Mamiel

Magical Facial with Annee de Mamiel

Have you ever had something unexpectedly come up that you just couldn't miss and you moved everything just so you could make it happen? When Knockout Beauty ( a Hamptons based beauty boutique) subtly posted that they were hosting Annee de Mamiel and she was giving her healing facials...I jumped at the opportunity and made my schedule work just so I could meet her.  

Annee is the reason I fell in love with face oils. One of the very first face oils I owned was her Autumn Seasonal Oil. I fell in love with its texture, scent and the way it made my skin feel.


Annee has a magical connection to her formulations that reflects upon you when you use her products. So...getting a chance to meet her felt as though I was going to Disneyland for the first time. So let me describe to you my experience in the best way that I can. My goal is to transport you to the bed where I felt magic happen.


My experience began with giving Annee the biggest bear hug I could give without being creepy.  I mean, she's one of my inspirations! Once I calmed down, I was able to take her fully in and see what a gentle and kind soul she was. I immediately felt calm and collected just from looking into her eyes. Following my gushing moments, we went to the private room in the shop and began having a deep discussion around how I respond to stress, whether I typically feel hot or cold, my response to thirst, what flavor I crave for food, my sleeping/waking habits and so on. Following a peak at my tongue, she was able to identify a misbalance between my heart and liver. After her assessment of me, she spoke of the type of treatment she was going to give me to help bring balance and positive energy to my body. 

I was so excited for what came next that I quickly stripped down, put on my plush Terry cloth robe and settled onto the soft and plush bed. Cocooned by warm towels and aromas of deep relaxation, I already felt at ease.


My treatment began with Annee checking my pulse followed by me gently closing my eyes and slipping into a field of fluffy clouds. She began with a gentle cleanse and massage wth her Cleansing Dew. A gentle warmth began to spread through my entire body as the heat from her hands cocooned my skin. With every movement there was a sweet precision that I could feel through every finger. It was as if our souls were connecting in ways I can't describe with words. And the treatment just began!

Following the cleanse, a few drops of Altitude Oil was applied around my sinuses and above my brows, pressed in ever so sightly. The immediate cooling effect from the eucalyptus and uplifting aroma helped relieve my sinus congestion almost immediately. I was struggling with overall congestion and even a small inhale helped soothe and comfort me.

As she continued to massage my skin, I could feel tension melting away and my congestion easing up. She then applied her Restorative Cleansing Balm and topped it off with Brightening Cleanse & Exfoliate which she left on my skin as a mask.  Even when she wasn't massaging my face, Annee's hands never left me...I could feel her even when they weren't on me.

While the mask was on, she used her special healing tools and applied them to certain pressure points that would help relieve tension and put my body at ease. There was a moment when she pressed her hands on my upper chest and I could feel a wave of energy and strength course through all the way to my toes. 


Her hands were on me for almost 2 hours! Soothing, comforting and healing. The only way I could describe how I felt is weightless. I didn't allow any other thoughts to enter my mind. I wanted...I needed to be in the moment, with her. Absorbing her strength and allowing myself to heal.


In the end, my body felt as though it was on a cloud. I never wanted our connection to end. When my treatment was over, I didn't want to get up. I felt soothed. As we were saying our good-bye's, I felt tears welling up in my eyes (Annee said it was completely natural to feel emotional after the type of treatment I received). We hugged and promised to see each other again soon. And believe me, I will rearrange everything just to see her again.

Post facial...glowing and floating on a cloud.

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Disclosure: I paid for my treatment and will do it 100 times again! Knockout Beauty constantly hosts amazing people that do treatments. You must check them out if you live in NY.

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