My Love Story with de Mamiel

My Love Story with de Mamiel

It's very rare for me to find a skincare brand where I love every single product...and most importantly, keep coming back after I've finished a bottle. In comes De Mamiel, a brand very dear to my heart and for good reason.

Those that have been following my skincare journey over the past year or so, will know that I suffered from horrible cystic acne that left my skin blotchy and red. A year ago, you'd never spot me without makeup on...even while I was at home. I hated getting my picture taken, I was always embarrassed and I never knew why or what was causing my skin to hate me so much. I would constantly get depressed and would hide away, not wanting to see the outside world. 

It was when I was introduced to face oils (believe me, it took a while for me to shed the belief that I only needed products targeted to combination/oily/acneic skin for anything to help me) but somehow I put doubt aside and tried my very first oil...the Autumn Seasonal Oil from de Mamiel. I ordered it directly from her site and received it within a few weeks. 

Why might you ask I chose the Autumn Oil? because it was the oil of the season, so it was practically chosen for me. At this time in my life, I stopped using drying cleansers, moisturizers that claimed to mattify and clear my skin and began only using the Autumn Oil both morning and night. Don't get me wrong, I still reached for the harsh Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic Acid treatments...but I quickly learned to just stay away from them as they only made things worse for me. So after a few uses of the oil, I realized I had a yearning to feel the oil on my hands, to massage it onto my skin, to smell it as it melted into each pore and most importantly, how it made me feel. I felt cocooned in tranquility and comfort that I (only recently learned) is exactly what Anne (creator of this beautiful brand) wants us all to feel when using her products. 

Ever since then, I've added many oils to my collection from brands that just know how to do them right (Votary, May Lindstrom, African Botanics) and I haven't looked back. My skin has never felt calmer, more supple and my breakouts now only come a couple days post the "lady in red" and disappear quickly. Cystic acne is a dream now...and if I do get the odd bugger, I know what to do. Nourish, nourish and protect. My breakouts needed comforting instead of harsh stripping ingredients. And since I discovered that it's hormonal acne, I know exactly when to expect them and what to do to make them go away. No Vacancy here! While I do have some treatments that are blemish targeted, they are still gentle and in no way harsh. A separate post on that to come soon.

To make a long story short...over the past year, I have experienced each one of Annee's seasonal oils and here are my thoughts on each one. Let's start with Winter:

Winter Seasonal Oil - The prices aren't listed on the her site until the bottle is available for purchase. Please visit the site for ingredients as well...otherwise this would be a lengthy post.

IMG_4191 2.jpg

With frigid temperatures, skin needs extra protection. The Winter Oil is heavy but comforting. The base is Macadamia Oil, one of the richest and most nourishing carrier oils. It's accompanied by Rosehip, Argan, RIce Bran, Evening Primrose, Seabuckthorn and many more.  It's meant to deliver anti-aging results as well as hydrating and protecting against the elements. While this oils is meant for the winter, I did however find it a bit too heavy for me. My skin doesn't get super dry in the winter, so this formula was just not right for me. Instead, I used it on my elbows, knees and as a massage oil for the hubs. But, if you have dry skin and yearn for a bit more nourishment, you will love this.

Spring Seasonal Oil -

IMG_4190 2.jpg

After the winter blues comes rebirth. Flowers bloom, the sun is shining and we shed those layers we so eagerly wanted to remove. The base is Jojoba mixed with Rice Bran, Milk Thistle, Meadowfoam, Sunflower, Prickly Pear, Rosehip, Baobob and more. The texture is lighter than the winter oil (as it should be) and this formula is meant to help brighten the complexion after months of being cooped up in dry heated rooms and short days. I found this oil to be very comforting. Jojoba alone is a perfect oil that absorbs beautifully and helps to balance production of sebum and bring clarity. This formula is perfect for anyone, especially those with acne prone, oil or combination skin. 

Summer Seasonal Oil -


Now we're heading into my favorites. Not because the sun is shining and it's beach season (I hate summer) but this oil is special and made my summer days bearable. The base is Evening Primrose mixed with Rosehip, Meadowsweet, Kiwi, Prickly Pear, Echium, Baobob, Pomegranate, Seabuckthorn and more. I really like Evening Primrose as a carrier oil. This formula felt very light and perfect for the rising temperatures. My skin didn't get oily (I mostly wore it during the day, underneath makeup) and foundation applied beautifully over it. The scent is beautiful and the texture is velvety soft. This formula is everything an oil should be for when it's too hot to even put your clothes on. It smells divine and my skin was the happiest its ever been in 100 degree temperatures. In my opinion, I think this oil would be perfect for the sprint time too.

Autumn Seasonal Oil - £70

Now to my absolute favorite of them all. Argan as a base, Rosehip, Prickly Pear, White Poppy, Echium, Elderberry, Sunflower, Seabuckthorn, Carrot and more. I personally love Argan oil. I love how it feels, smells and how it leaves my skin. This formula is by far my personal favorite and one that I can see myself wearing year-round, not just Autumn. The scent is heaven in a bottle...earthy and nutty with a tiny hint of unicorn sparkle. My skin drinks it in. I purposely waited to post my review of these oils until now because this oil is now available! Annee doesn't just create these oils and sells them year-round. She carefully picks the ingredients at their freshest to create formulas that are perfectly timed for when you need them. It's funny, when I met Annee (read about that here) she wasn't surprised when I told her the Autumn oil was my favorite, it's hers as well. This oil is all about calming, decongesting and smoothing which is everything I want and need! 

The sizes of the bottles are .7fl oz and yet I found myself being able to use them much longer than I thought. Since the formulas are so rich and concentrated, you only needed 3-4 drops and you're set. I liked using her oils in the morning as they helped me prep my mind and skin for the day ahead. I didn't experience any oiliness and my makeup actually looked better throughout the day. It's really incredible how much my skin loves oils!

So whichever formula strikes your fancy (Autumn is by far my unicorn star), you can't go wrong with de Mamiel. 

So there you have it. My two absolute favorites are the Autumn and Summer oils. While I love the concept of seasonality, I would wear the Autumn oil no matter the season. If you're someone that loves face oils, I highly recommend trying her line. You can get it from Cult Beauty, de Mamiel site, Goop and many more online retailers. I hope you enjoyed this post and if you happen to try de Mamiel, do let me know your thoughts!

Disclosure: This post is not sponsored.  No affiliate links were used. All products were purcahsed by me. This review is based on my personal thoughts.



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