Love + Sage Introduction

Love + Sage Introduction

I'm plagued with dry lips...constant peeling, chapped dry lips.  No matter the season.  I've been gravitating towards rich and creamy lip balms that are good enough to eat.  One brand that makes a beautiful formula is Love + Sage

Developed by Sage Lehman in her apartment in NY.  She began giving it to her friends and it quickly became a hit.  One of her good friends Jessica, who owns Shen Beauty in Brooklyn asked her to sell it at her shop...the rest is history.

Sensitive Formula $12

Ingredients: shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax, jojoba oil, castor oil, argan oil, vitamin E, essential oils of rose, neroli and bergamot (bergaptene free)

This formula is so creamy and soothing. It glides on the lips and leaves them feeling incredibly soft and supple.  It has a very light scent of bergamot, neroli and rose.  You put Neroli into anything and I gravitate towards it like moth to a flame.  This particular version doesn't have a tint, making it perfect for those loving the au-naturale look.  There are 3 other formulas Beach Rose, Mint Condition and Well Red.

I can't wait to see this brand grow and try out her other products.  I hear she's coming out with a kids version and a new color for the Summer!

Here's a quick interview with the maker of the brand.  I highly recommend giving this brand a try. If you find yourself at Shen Beauty in Brooklyn, stop by and give these a go!

Q. What inspired you to create your brand?
A. To be honest, I just enjoyed making products and giving them out as gifts to my friends. It wasn’t until my friend Jessica who owns the best beauty store in Brooklyn (Shen Beauty) suggested I sell them at her store that I even thought about going in to business.  It was such a great opportunity that I couldn’t say no. Looking back, it now feels like such a natural progression; I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Q. Which ingredients do you feel are your power players?  
A. There is something special and unique about each ingredient in my lip balm but if I had to pick favorites I would probably choose Coconut Oil for its ability to soothe and moisturize and castor oil for its ability to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin while also lending shine. 

Q. Is there a particular skin type you created your products for?  
A. The tinted lip balms are great for any type of skin except the most extreme cases of chapped lips where I would steer you towards the non tinted formulas which are extremely soothing and healing. 

Q. If you could choose one star product from your collection, what would you choose and why? 
A. That is a hard question, but I think I might have to go with our Mint Condition. I love the herbal scent and the lip balm really works wonders with chapped lips. In the winter it’s my go-to lip balm and great for my kids too. I often find myself sneaking into their rooms at night to apply it, otherwise they lick it off.  

Q. What would be the ideal skincare routine using your products? 
A. It's hard to go wrong with lip balm but I would suggest keeping hydrated by drinking lots of water during the colder or dryer months of the year and I would recommend always coating your lips just before you turn out the light at bedtime so the ingredients can work their magic.

Q. Where do you see your brand going in the future? 
A. We still feel like a such a new company with so much room to grow. I’m constantly trying out new products and testing new colors. I have a new tint I’m working on for the summer as well as a kids lip balm which I hope to have on shelves before the fall. We’ll see what comes next.

Disclosure: This post is not sponsored.  No affiliate links were used.  This product was gifted to me with absolutely no obligation to review.  As always, my review is from the heart. 

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